I've been working with steel, bronze and aluminum for six years, and have experience with one-off pieces and production runs. I absolutely love working with metal. 



I've got extensive experience with woodworking, both in terms of unique, one-off pieces or small runs  and in terms of large production runs of similar objects. I've worked at a variety of scales as well.  



I can make prototypes at a variety of fidelities, ranging from rapidly produced, simple 3D sketches compiled from what I have laying around to highly finished concept pieces. 



I'm competent in sketching both in digital and analog forms. I do a lot of low-fidelity sketching at the start of a project to understand form, and sketching out exact dimensions can help me to think through a physical object. 


Adobe Creative Suite

When it comes to CS I'm most experienced with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I particularly like combining CS with machines like the CNC or the laser cutter. 


Computer Aided Design

Most of my expertise here is in Solidworks, but I've got a working knowledge of Rhino and I've also used Google Sketchup. 
In addition to CAD work I've also got a decent amount of experience with 3D Printing. 


Video and Photography work

I've found that many of my projects are enhanced greatly when their process is filmed as well as photographed. 


Research and Human-Centred Design

In my experience in-depth user research is the element that turns a design that me and my team think is cool into something that many people besides us think is cool. It's one of my favorite parts of the process. 


Teaching & learning

I find that sharing skills helps me to cement my own expertise while enhancing the community around me.
You can click here to see what I'm working on at the moment.