I do fun things. Why not take a look at them?


The Trellis Project

The Trellis is a modular jig system, simple to build with readily available tools, that allows aspiring blacksmiths to begin forging. At the same time it has been designed to make projects easy to share with one another regardless of language or location.


Dark Green Dreams

If our future turns out to be one of slowly-increasing scarcity relative to the abundance we've become accustomed to today, how might we adapt and what sorts to unique opportunities would it present? This design research project was an attempt to find out.


The Springboard Bench

The Springboard Bench was a project that was centred around building a piece of outdoor furniture  for Emily Carr's new campus. Our team decided to take our inspiration from the history of the space and the opportunities provided by local materials.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.39.44 AM.png

Sheaf Mixing Paddle

The Sheaf is a mixing tool with a twist. Specifically designed to be an heirloom, it has a life and a legacy of its own that can last for a rather more literal manner than you might expect.


The Chicken Project

Think Black Mirror, but with chickens.


Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 10.11.59 AM.png

The Learnary - Blacksmithing

This project is a collaboration between myself, a local education non-profit, and a local hackspace and occasionally TEDx ECUAD. We're trying to figure out the best way to introduce beginners to all sorts of new skills - in my case, blacksmithing. 



The ElderGreens project was a co-creation collaboration with our local Transition Town movement. Teams of students were teamed up with senior citizens and went about making a table setting that was evocative of their life experiences. 


More on the way...